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* Nominated at the Berlin Film Festival 2023.

* Winner of a Romanian screenwriting contest held by HBO Europe and Cinemascop NGO led by the reputable film director Cristian Mungiu. 

 * Got the idea and wrote the initial concept, being inspired by one of the most controversial and fascinating defections in the Eastern Bloc.


* Wrote the miniseries together with Kirsten Peters, a German/American screenwriter. 


A miniseries inspired by real events and set set during the height of the Cold War.


A high concept feature sci-fi that I wrote inspired by one hell of a question: what if, one day, unhappiness turns into a deadly genetic bomb?

Logline: When a strange mutation on the happiness gene threatens humanity, a female scientist struggles to find the cure with the help of a prodigy child with mysterious powers.


The script was among the 20% of 15,400 scripts submitted at the Nicholl Fellowship Academy competition 2016.


A story with elements from Romania's recent history and its fight to free itself for good from the Russian influence.


Two kindred sisters. Two clashing worlds. One painful secret.

Logline: When an estranged corporate spy agrees to uncover a murky gold mine affair, she’s left with no choice but to lure the man who raped her bipolar sister. 

The script was a semi-finalist at the Shore Scripts Competition.



A corrupt senator, an intolerant priest and a female-hacker begin a race of kindness after an unorthodox Angel of Death gives each one of them three days to live unless they’re doing a genuinely good deed.

Currently discussing the idea of turning it into a miniseries.


Fake news.jpg

A collection of 12 interviews with both American and Romanian top experts, journalists and digital savvies about the deep impact that fakes news  has on our minds, lives and future and how it is likely to shape our views about the world.


The book is set to be published in the summer of 2023 both in Romanian and in English. The English version will be published as an eBook. 


with the support of the German Marshal Fund of the United States.


The White Noise.jpg

An atypical love story happening in the early 90s, amid the madness of post-communist Romania.

Two people from two different worlds and cultures are brought together by odd coincidences that follow their journey, forever shaping their destiny. (To be published).

An atypical love story happening in the early 90s, amid the madness of post-communist Romania.


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