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The miniseries “Untouchable” came to life after years of writing spec scripts, producing films and theatre plays. At moments of discouragement, life gave me reasons of joy such as the moment when my spec script “Life Code” was placed among the top 20% of the 7200 entries at the Nicholl Academy Fellowships (2017) and my spy-thriller “Golden Ashes” was a Quarterfinalist at Shore Scripts competition (2016). At the end of 2019, I finished the black-comedy “Vera”, which I am aiming to turn into a miniseries too, while I am currently giving shape to two TV Series pitch books, both inspired by real events too, having female-leads and international appeal. 


On the production side, my most recent projects as a producer are two wonderful films – “Thou Shalt Not Kill” (2019), picked up by the French based international distributor Indie Sales, selected in many European festivals (IndieLisboa/Warsaw) and “4:15 The End of the World”, an independent short-film that I produced together with Alex Craciun, which travelled the world, being nominated in Cannes Official Competition (2016) and in over 35 international festivals. Last but not least, I am writing, directing and production the documentary feature “The Right to Be Forgotten” for which I have also partnered with HBO Europe and Reservoir Docs, the French based global sales agent with two Oscar nominated documentaries in its portfolio.

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